A Gift for a Pal

This is a doodle gift for a friend, who was nice enough to lend me one of his pencil extenders for the evening. That's the girl he likes in the picture, or at least a image of fantasy of her from an aspiring animator / cartoonist.

Winter is Coming

This winter is going to be a rough one for me and the dogs that need rescued. I am very limited in space and I am really worried about how things are going to go this winter. There are so many dogs in the shelters, it is sick. This year has totally sucked and I can't wait till next Spring when I can take in more dogs... I know I am wishing away my life but I really can't wait till this year is over. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Man I should be able to lift a horse over my head at this point. Lol! The good news is I have a good number of really great applications and I am hoping that this Saturday is going to be a good day for a few of my dogs. Really hoping they get to go home! Plus there are so many dogs that need out of the pound before it is too late. This is a balancing act... Now if I could just get some of my long termers adopted... I really have no idea how some get adopted so quickly and other are around for months. Just absolutely crazy. Oh I hope all these applications I have received will actually turn into adoptions!