The Twilight Series Inspiration

According to Stephenie Meyer, the writer of the Twilight series, the theme of this Modern Romantic Vampire movie is about Life and Love not Death or Lust. She began to write the story in june 2003 after dreaming two people having an intense conversation in the woods. One was a average girl and the other was a beautiful vampire. Stephenie was inspired from the following classics to write each book from the series: Twilight, ispired from Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice; Saga - New Moon, inspired from Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet; Saga - Eclipse, inspired from Emily Bronte - Wuthering Heights; Saga - Breaking Dawn, from Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream. The movie is focused on Bella's point of view and the Cullen's choice to abstain from killing humans rather than to follow his temptations, to protect their family no matter the costs and goes from there to romance, adventure and breathtaking scenes. Stephenie Meyer had transformed a dream into a million dollars franchise, a saga with thousands of fans around the world.

Especially the teenagers were captivated with the story between two character from different worlds. On one hand, the highschool girl, new in town who is trying to figure out where she belongs as a newcomer in the highschool, and a beautiful, misterious vampire who everybody is in love with but who is untouchable. Somehow a strong and powerfull bonding is created between the girl, Bella Swan and the vampire Edward Cullen and it's just a matter of time for the girl to discover the secret of the Cullens. Caught between the strong love for Edward and the desperate attempt to keep their secret hidden, Bella finds herself in a world where everything seem to come from the childhood stories (see fantasy coloring pages for amusement). Another character appears in the middle of the action, Bella's childhood friend Jake who helps her through everything, but who can transform into a mythical creature too, a werewolf. Between the desire of becoming a vampire and spend an eternity together with the love of her life and the attempt to keep her family safe, Bella find herself in impossible situations, dramatic and exciting, and of course, insomnia inflicting.