Sentinel's Hunger Review

Xevera Nanay is sick with an illness that killed her mother and father. She has been sent back to the human world to rescue her mate and sister. She also just lost her job of protecting the higher priestess of Emsharra. She knows if she does not control her hunger and find her mate, who can heal her of this illness, that she will be executed for feeding on humans. Michael Constantine is part human, part alien, and he has been hiding his alien side since childhood. Michael has not come in contact with another of his kind until he is called to help a naked female named Xevera in an ally way, who has apparently blacked out. Michael recognizes the scent of alien, and immediately links the scent to Xevera who is lying unconscious.. He assumes that this female is in some way an alien species like his father, who raped his mother and got her pregnant. Michael wants vengeance and will stop at nothing to kill Xevera and make sure she, and her kind will never be allowed to live on. Little does Micheal know how uncontrollable his emotions and sexual desires around Xevera will be. Xevera knows that she has found her mate, but will she be able to save herself from being killed and convince Micheal that she is not like his father? Will she be able to show Micheal that the alien race she comes from does not desire to kill, or to do harm to humans? Sizzling, Erotic and Scorching describes Sentinel's Hunger. This is one hot love making book that will leave you hot with fire. Xevera and Micheal's relationship will leave you panting with desire. Gracie C McKeever knows how to write hot erotic romances, that will have the reader turning the pages anticipating what is going to happen next. A delightful quick read that will have you wanting to read the next book in this series.