Paranormal Romance author F.D. Davis

My first interview with Paranormal Romance Author F.D. Davis for was only one question: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer, and What was it that inspired you to start writing? Answer: I’m really not sure what age I was when I realized I wanted to seriously write. I started reading when I was four and the love of the written word has only grown through the years. I’ve had many stops on starts on this journey and it all had to do with rejections and not being involved with other writers who knew what it was I was going through. As to what inspired me to actively pursue a writing career I’m very clear on that. Bill suggested that I take a two year break from working to try and concentrate on writing. If in that time I did not have a writing contract I would return to work and do as I had been doing, write in my spare time. Well, two years came and I didn’t have a contract. I told Bill I would stick to our agreement and return to work. He gave me this look that I can still see, shook his head no, and told me to continue trying. One year later I had my first contract.