The Consolation Prize Review

Chloe is not your typical girl. She hears voices in her head. The voices are like a "sixth sense" telling her what's right, and what's wrong. Chloe had always closely followed the protective advise of the voices. Well, one day when she wins a consolation prize from her boss to enjoy a nice weekend at a spa, the voices tell her not go. She decides that the spa weekend is just to hard to refuse, and ignores the voices. Oh, how Chloe should have listened to those darn voices! She has no idea of what awaits her at the spa. When Chloe checks into the spa she starts to notice that there is no other spa visitors around, and starts questioning what type of spa this is. This spa weekend is going to be a weekend that she will never forget. This is a novel full of sultry sex, along with a healthy fill of romance, love and sacrifice. Babara knows how to write a novel full of seduction with a dash of humor. “The Consolation Prize” will have thinking twice about your next visit to your local spa.