Hush Hush Review

I heard about this book everywhere, it seemed. So naturally I wanted to try it out. Despite the hype books receive I am always a bit leery. I know that if the general population likes a book I probably won't like it much. I am the type of nerd that likes to learn stuff from my books. About history or language. Anything really. I dislike having an info overload, like the piles of stuff found in textbooks. Well, to put it bluntly: I did not like the book. I do not even know why I am holding onto my copy of it (a copy I found a the Salvation Army). I read some long winded reviews, and I probably agree with all of their content. The mystery and suspense was weak. The main character was dumb, foolhardy and cliche. The story itself was kinda ho-hum. Patch, Mr. Love Interest, was creepy. I don't know why or how someone could fall for or be attracted to someone who is out to kill them and even admits it to their face. "Oh baby, I wanted to murder you. But you is so hot and special that I just couldn't do it!" Sure. A little side tangent here: Why do this old old, centuries old men fall for these juvenile and completely un-special girls. "Wow, you are so young and immature. You embody all that is annoying and flaky about the modern teenager. After a million years your little self is what I want!" I am never convinced that one tiny brat could ever win over these guys who have seen everything over the years. A hot body can't be the thing, because most of the girlies are never mega-hot. I wish the chosen ones had some kind of emotional connection to the men they fall for, like similar tragedies or something. Or  if they possessed a trait like extreme compassion or crazy-weird and accurate intuition (I like intuition rather than brainy smarts, because intelligence doesn't mean a person is perceptive, and most of the time the author makes their booksmart heroine bitchy and arrogant).

With this book, for example, just because your momma ain't around does not mean you can understand being banished from your home for a very long time. Very. (I forget if Patch-y actually experienced major trauma, I guess if he was willing to kill to get what he wanted. Eh.) I just don't get how these types of blah heroines can be a comfort to these world weary men (who still act like boys, even though they aren't, even if they do look fresh out of diapers and off mother's milk). I found the heroine to be very forgettable. I think I recall curly hair and a desire to get herself killed. Patch-y should of just went for it. She was begging for it something fierce. The bad guy(s). It just makes me want to start wailing really loudly and tear my clothing. Why? Why? Why? It was a disaster. Really anyone and everyone really got a shot to be in the spotlight. But not really. I was surprised Nora didn't accuse her friend of being out to get her. I was even suspicious. But nope. The making out was hot. And really the only thing I liked about the book. Surprise surprise (it was a surprise, truly). Mostly when I find I don't love the characters I feel kinda of apathetic about their s3x life. When I love characters, I love to root for them and love scenes are gratifying (I suppose) and sweet. When I hate the characters, oftentimes I feel kind of grossed out (or the attempt to make us... uh I don't know, be distracted from lame character by the flashy s3x. Don't think so sistah!). I am reading the sequel. Mostly due to the fact that I have an ARC of Crescendo (In yo face! Kidding, kidding. I was surprised that they foisted a copy on to me. Well I am kinda psyched to be getting an early copy. Probably because everyone else is hyped about it). I am hoping the following book will be better. This was a debut book. So there were bound to be some issues. I would say skip it. But if you wanna read it go for it, just make sure your copy comes from the library.